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Join us!

We are looking for new colleagues to join our team, including undergraduates, graduate students, post-doctoral fellows and a research assistant/technician. Our team focuses on developing and applying molecular tools to understand the connection between genome structure, function, and cell fate. We are committed to career development, training, and mentorship.  Please see below and send an email to Katie at

Post-doctoral fellows

We are actively looking for highly motivated, talented, and collegial postdocs. This position provides opportunities to collaborate with labs across MIT and the greater Boston area examining the three-dimensional landscape of the genome and explore how topological forces introduced through transcription remodel the epigenome and impact gene expression. Additional information is available here.

Graduate students

Our primary affiliation is with the MIT ChE graduate program, but any graduate student in a MIT graduate program can join or rotate in the lab.  The first step is to set up a time to chat. Please email Katie and let's arrange a time to meet.

Undergraduate students

If you are interested in getting hands-on experience in synthetic biology and molecular systems biology and seeing how engineering interfaces with biology, we are recruiting highly motivated, talented, and dedicated undergraduates. Please email Katie and let's arrange a time to meet.

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